Participation Opportunities for Kama‘aina:

We encourage kama‘aina working in Hawai‘i's high-tech industry or with an interest in wireless technology to take this unique opportunity to attend IMS2017. Whether you're interested in hearing about the latest research in RF/microwave and wireless technology, learn about the latest products (active/passive components, PCBs, test equipment, etc.) in the Exhibit Hall, or simply get your feet wet in our industry – IMS2017 has something for you.

IMS2017 is providing special offers for kama‘aina: free Tuesday–Thursday Exhibition-Only registration and extension of Early Bird registration rates for IMS2017. We suggest that you browse the Microwave Week Overview and Registration Information pages to find events that appeal to you. Detailed promotional registration instructions are provided below.


Promotional Registration Instructions:

Choose your desired promo code and follow the instructions below.
IMS17KAMA: promo code to waive the fee for Tuesday–Thursday Exhibition-Only registration
IMS17EB: promo code to extend Early Bird Registration rate ($700) for IMS Sessions
5GEB17: promo code to extend Early Bird Registration rate ($270) for the 5G Summit
RFBC17EB: promo code to extend Early Bird Registration rate ($125) for RF Boot Camp
• ARFTG17EB: promo code to extend Early Bird Registration rate ($360) for ARFTG
RFIC17EB: promo code to extend Early Bird Registration rate ($360) for RFIC

1.      Go to the IMS2017 Registration website:

2.      Fill in your first name, last name, email

3.      Select "I have a promo code"

4.      Put in the appropriate Promo code

5.      Select "Register"

6.      A box will pop up telling you that your code has been accepted.

7.      Select OK.

8.      Complete your personal information

9.      Proceed to the ‘Tell us About Yourself’ section.

10.    Then 'Select your Products' section.  Select your desired registration options.

11.    Proceed to Check Out

12.    Confirmation receipt will be sent to your email address


Badge Pickup:

Badge pickup will be located in the Hawai'i Convention Center, Main Lobby. Registrant must show proof of kama‘aina status (e.g. Hawai‘i drivers license).

Registration Hours:

Date Time
Saturday, 3 June 08:00–19:00
Sunday, 4 June 07:00–19:00
Monday, 5 June 07:00–19:00
Tuesday, 6 June 07:00–18:00
Wednesday, 7 June 07:00–18:00
Thursday, 8 June 07:00–16:00
Friday, 9 June 07:00–09:00

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or to request for additional promo codes.