Course on Preparing and Presenting Papers for MTT-S Journals and Conferences
Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2016
Time: 08:00-12:00
Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Nob Hill Room
Fee: There is No Charge for this course
John Bandler, McMaster University & Bandler Corporation 
George Ponchak, NASA Glenn Research Center
This course will cover the steps that authors should take to increase the
acceptance rate of their papers in both journals and conference proceedings. It will
cover the reasons most papers are rejected, how authors should organize or 
reorganize their papers to lessen the possibility of rejection, and the steps that could
be taken following a rejection, either to get a suitably revised version of the rejected
paper published in the same journal or in a different journal. Then, the course will
describe a variety of ways of preparing for and organizing conference presentations,
whether for an oral or poster session, and how to most effectively deliver the
presentations. The course will emphasize ways of gaining trust and promoting
acceptance that are common to both journal submissions and conference presentations.