A Scenic Marathon Route

In my previous blog, City Girl at Heart, I described the way in which San Francisco has shaped my life and instilled in me a love for the unique places and atmosphere that one finds in the hills and valleys along the Bay.  The sights and sounds of San Francisco, combined with the natural warmth and diversity of its people, leave a lasting impression on those who arrive for a brief visit as tourists, or the lucky ones who call this place 'home,' as I once did.  Whether by cable car or on foot, in an Uber or by bike in the green lane, an adventure around the City is typically an enriching, spontaneous experience.  Some of my most memorable (and oftentimes demanding) moments in San Francisco came during the annual marathon, a race that gives meaning to the term 'hill repeat' which describes the training required to make it, with a respectable time, to the finish line.

As I shared with readers, I plan to approach IMS2016 as a marathon. "Go slow and steady, taking in the scenery, consider every moment as an opportunity to say thank you for working with Keysight."  My aim will be to enjoy each 'mile' while trying to minimize the distractions of devices and deadlines, while taking advantage of the value of this industry trade event.  For a few days this month, after much planning and preparation, we will all be able to gather and move with shared interest along the course of the show and its surrounding attractions.

Soon after my blog post and days before my 46th birthday, I impulsively—and perhaps not by coincidence—signed up for the 2016 San Francisco Marathon in July.  The race organizers find the perfect 26.2 mile route through the City, selecting the most beautiful and noteworthy places along the way. The magnificently restored Ferry Building, iconic Fisherman’s Wharf, the awe inspiring Golden Gate Bridge, the botanical treasure of Golden Gate Park, and AT&T Park where the World Champion Giants embarrass the Dodgers, are all along the marathon route. The race is a perfect—albeit demanding—way to experience the incredible topography and environment of San Francisco.  The views alone help distract me from the pain of my aching quads.

But you don’t need to run a marathon to see all of San Francisco.  Did you know that San Francisco has an area of approximately 49 square miles?  Ironically, the City is 7 miles from west-to-east, 7 miles from north-to-south.  A 49-Mile Scenic Drive was mapped out in 1938, to highlight San Francisco’s most treasured places.  From the twisting brick road or 'Curlycue Hill' of the heavily-photographed Lombard Street, to views of the Bay from the top of Coit Tower, beside the lounging, sometimes barking sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, atop the wind-whipped vistas of Twin Peaks, the route is marked by distinct signs that direct the adventurer from place-to-place.

In a nod to this historic drive, IMS2016 has created its own “Scenic Route” to help you maximize your week!  IMS is the world’s premier RF-microwave technology event, and because San Francisco is a leading hub of wireless technology within the industry, we have themed IMS2016 “The Gateway to the Wireless Future."  Activities on the IMS2016 Scenic Route are inspired by this useful exhibition theme and designated by signs that will keep us all on course, at a steady pace.  So, whether you’re embarking upon your first IMS or your 20th, your unforgettable journey should be filled experiences and opportunities to network that will be enriching, enjoyable, and take you with ease to the finish line.

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