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Yikes! Here I am, noodling away, trying to figure out why people aren't more conservative, at least when it comes to charge in transistor modeling, when I realize that it's only TWO WEEKS until the IMS technical paper submission deadline!  I hope you are already well into writing your summary paper.  If not, we need to get our skates on over the Thanksgiving break and come up with three scintillating pages of technical excellence and eye-popping interest.  I am assuming here that you have already done the hard work, maybe just last week, or perhaps you are going to dust off those measured data or notes on that clever theory that you did last February, and you're in a position to crack on with the actual writing of the paper.

Hold on, not so fast. Let's just take a moment to think about what we should write and how we should go about it, to make sure that we have that best chance possible of getting our paper accepted into the most prestigious microwave conference in the world. 

Fortunately, James Rautio of Sonnet Software has produced a series of three short articles on how to get your paper published at IMS; these have been published in the IEEE Microwave Magazine in 2013, and can be found on IEEE Xplore at:
These links should also be on the IMS2016 web page at  There are no guarantees of acceptance, of course, but you will maximize your chances by reviewing this stuff, and practising the recommendations.  And don't miss the submission deadline of December 7th! It's a Monday so you get a whole extra weekend to clean up your grammar.  Need an extension? Don't even think about asking.

OK, like me, you might not have enough material for a paper, or be on the hook for a spot of booth duty at the IMS2016 Exhibition, but you should still think hard about attending.  It is the biggest technical conference and trade exhibition in the microwave and RF field in the world. You will get the opportunity to see the most up-to-date technical results presented at the conference, see the newest microwave hardware and software from the world's leading manufacturers at the exhibition, and an unrivalled chance to meet new friends and colleagues, and network with your existing ones. 

So what can you expect to find at IMS2016?  As well as the technical conference and trade exhibition, we will have workshops and short courses on subjects of high profile and interest in the RF/microwave industry; panel sessions in which topical questions will come under consideration by some leading lights in the microwave business; student competitions, for students from high school through grad school to participate in; 'microapps' – applications seminars showing the latest in technology; Women in Microwaves events; the 'Wearables Pavilion'; the Historical Exhibition; and ample opportunities for networking, and having a bit of fun: make sure you sign up for 'Wine with Steve Cripps' (I hope I spelled that right.).  Come to one of the most exciting cities in the world, San Francisco, next May for IMS2016: your gateway to a wireless future!
(Batteries not included.)

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